A/C, You See

Another day off has been sacrificed at the altar of central air conditioning.

I got a call this morning that said 1-Hour Heating and A/C was running late and they would be here as soon as possible.  Which was news to me, since this was actually the first call I’d received about it.  (They never set up an appointment with me in the first place.)  I tried to use this “inconvenience” to bump the process to Friday afternoon, but naturally they were entirely booked through the weekend.

Today it is, then.

They arrived at about 3:45 and thus began, The Tarpenining.

acrepair1 actarpening1 actarpening2Stay on de path!

And so now I’m sitting here at my desk upstairs, typing for you guys, with the sound of two guys disassembling, reassembling and/or beating the hell out of an A/C unit just above me.  The temperature is creeping steadily upward toward the 80s, Alex is going insane because he’s locked in the bedroom, and the dulcet tones of an anti-moisture fan is adding its lovely chorus to this din of suck.



Thankfully, Jen went to her mother’s house with Daphne for a playdate at 2:00, so at least they aren’t having to sit through this.



I can only hope that this is the last home issues we’ll have to worry about for a little while.

I hope.


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