Bookin’ It

Have I mentioned, maybe once or twice, that my daughter loves reading?

Because seriously…this little girl is book berserk.
She’s loony for lexicons.
Wacky for words.
Coo-coo for codices.

Okay, I’ll stop.


 daphcrazygrinbed1“Got any books hiding in here, old man?”

We easily go through around 30 books per day with her.  And that’s on a slow day.

No, that is not hyperbole.

So about a month ago, in a stroke of paternal brilliance (they do hit me on rare occasions), I relocated my copies of Chapman’sSailing Alone Around the World, and various America’s Cup tomes to our bedroom, and replaced them with a line of Daphne’s books on the small table behind our couch.

And since that day, the best game on Earth is to stand up on the couch and rifle through those books, looking for just the right title.  And woe betide any book she doesn’t feel like reading in that moment, for a solid flinging is in its immediate future.


Naturally she’s not actually reading these things.  And she’ll often flip through the pages too quickly for us to even read them to her.  Although she does, on occasion, babble while turning the pages…which is unbelievably adorable.

And it doesn’t stop there.  She has a bookshelf in her room that is regularly emptied of each title.  And she has another in her playroom.

That’s right.
An entire room filled with toys and what does she inevitably gravitate toward?

upstairsreading1The clock and mice here are clearly symbolic of the repetitive patterns inherent throughout our mortality.

upstairsreading2“Pshh…  This is baby stuff.”

upstairsreading4“Hmm…  This baker seems a bit shifty…”

upstairsreading3“I knew it!  What kind of Joffrey Lannister-grade sicko stuffs live birds into a pie???”  

This little girl and her mother are planning to meet me for lunch at the office today.  So I’ve got to get going.

Hopefully I’ll have some pics of that exodus for you tomorrow.

See you then.


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