Sparking Creativity

[BumbleNote:  The SEQUENCES link is at the bottom.  Hold tight.]

So I’m going to go from a high concept parenting post to one that will seem like it’s even higher concept.

But I assure you, this one is quite easy.

And before we get started you should know that I have NOT been compensated by Adobe in any way for this.  I just wanted you guys to know about Something Kind of Wonderful.  (Empirical fact: that’s one of the top 5 kisses in Hollywood history.)

So!  Everyone here has a social media account, right?  Good.

Well then I have an app that you might be interested in downloading.  It’s called “Spark” by Adobe, and it’s an exceptionally easy thing to work with.  I’m talking PowerPoint kinds of easy.  Yes, you can totally do it.

The beer pictures in my Father’s Day, Redux post last week were edited with it, right on my cell phone.  (There’s a mobile app as well as a desktop program.)

You can create static images with text, like this:


Or you can take a picture and animate some text to go along with it, then upload it directly to YouTube.


Or, you can create entire webpages, like I did with today’s SEQUENCES:

SEQUENCESI’d be interested to hear if this works on all browsers.  Unlike that 360 Fly stuff that only functions on Google Chrome.

But the best thing about Adobe Spark?  It’s totally free.

Well, at least for the time being…  You might want to get in on it now, before they start charging for it.

See you tomorrow.


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