I’d be lying if I said these kinds of things didn’t irk me a little.

They’re actually the impetus behind the name of this website.

I am not some bumbling idiot that has no idea how to work a onesie, cook a meal, or change a diaper. And, more importantly, if I didn’t know how to do those things then the proper response is not to ridicule me for not knowing. Teach me.
Would women be offended if there were “mommy-proof” computers or TV remotes?

And while I’m on a dad rant, I’ve gotten this one a few times now so it bears repeating:  I am not “babysitting,” or “covering for mommy.” I’m just being a parent. Would you ask a mom out with her kids if she’s, “giving daddy a day off?”

Which reminds me, I saw that our president met with women business owners yesterday and among the topics of discussion were childcare expenses and maternity leave. Now these are incredibly important topics to cover and I applaud him for doing so, but I do have to wonder why they never seem to come up when men are at these meetings.  (We Y chromosomes seem to be first in line when it comes to deciding policy on women’s access to healthcare, but that’s another post entirely.)

Although maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I am a statistical outlier. Maybe most dads still aren’t all that involved in their kids’ lives and couldn’t care less about these kinds of double standards or “jokes.” Maybe I’m being overly sensitive. (Wouldn’t be the first time…)

I feel sorry for those dads.

That being said, they’re still right about that shirt.
Because this daddy isn’t going anywhere near it, or near any store that sells it.


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