Nothing like a hard drive failure on your server to light a fire under an afternoon.

But hey, at least it wasn’t something more catastrophic.  Like a motherboard failure or something.

**knocks wood**

As such, this day has pretty much shot by me without a chance to post.  Although it certainly doesn’t help matters that Daphne woke up at 1:30 again, and kept me up until 3:00am trying (and failing) to convince her to go back to sleep.  (Jen eventually went up and co-slept with her.)
So was a little glazed already today; I really didn’t need another challenge.

Although in infinitely more pleasant news, I see that Daphne and her grandma took a trip to the DirtMall today.

Poor kid.  Those dark circles under her eyes are likely from allergies…  Mine have been acting up too.

And it’s not a wonder…

I’m sure the ice cream helps.


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