Board Game Report: Beach Edition

As I mentioned on Wednesday, the weather necessitated a lot of indoor amusement at the beach this week.

As such, there was a nightly bout of board games that began around 9pm and went on until at least 1am.

And honestly, I think the best of the lot was Secret Hitler, with Cards Against Humanity being a close second.  (Albeit only because of the obvious comedic raunchiness involved.)

The thing about Secret Hitler is that it takes at least a few games before you start to get the hang of it. And it’s a bit awkward starting out since you have to keep checking the rule sheet. But, by the last round on Monday night, we were finishing games using deductive prowess and the process of elimination, which is how you’re supposed to play.

I’ll also mention, anecdotally, that I was a Fascist for 10 of the 11 rounds that we played (I was Hitler for our first game), which is statistically ridiculous given that there’s a less than 50% chance to be a Fascist each game.

I’ll also mention that I was not outed once. A feat which prompted the entirety of the table to comment on my virtuosity when it comes to lies, betrayal and deception acting.

Definitely a fun game though and I highly recommend it if you have a group of 7-10 people.  I might even try to break it out at the bachelor party happening at my house in a couple weeks.  We’ll see.

Honorable mention goes to Dixit, which we played at least once each night.  Dixit is indeed a fun game but, much like Cards Against Humanity, I think it really requires the expansion packs.  You go through the cards quite quickly and on your second playthrough, when the same cards come up again, it isn’t nearly as entertaining as the first time around.  It is, however, quite kid-friendly, which was good because we had younger folk among us who wanted to get in on the gaming too.

Okay, see you Monday.


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