Forewarned for Wed

It’s quite possible that there will not be a post this Friday…

My brother-in-law is getting married on Sunday, and so I’ll be starting the weekend a little early by meeting him for lunch at the local Pappasito’s. (Normally I write here on my lunch break.)

And while this means you’ll be short one post on Friday, I should be able recompense you with some adorable pictures of Ms. Daphne the Flower Girl next week.


This is an entirely unrelated “4 Generations” picture from the beach house that I forgot to upload.


I can say at the outset that Daphne has had zero interest in holding the petal basket, though.  And this despite our repeated, and often ridiculous, efforts of conveying how much fun it is to do so.  As such, it’s likely that it will be her mother who flings the rose petals around in preparation for the bride’s entrance.

Honestly, if we can just get her from one end of the aisle to the other without having to lure her with Little Baby Bum it will be a triumphant victory.

Okay, see you guys on Monday.


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