The Opposite of Nap

So we had a pretty slow weekend, all things considered.

I actually didn’t leave the house at all until it was time for Sunday’s Whole Foods run, which was nice after several fun-yet-fully-booked weekends in a row.

Just a whole lot of relaxing on the couch, watching some TV, and, of course, playing with Daphne.

Speaking of whom, our little girl has once again taken to waking up at 2am.  At which point she howls into the baby monitor until her mother or I come upstairs so that we might witness the rolling around and playing that apparently must be done right now.
A side effect of this early morning awakening is that once we convince Daphne that 2am is an unacceptable time for tumbling routines and she goes back to sleep, she wakes up much later than she should.  For example, on BumbleDay she didn’t get up until almost 10am, which in turn threw off the entire rest of the day’s “schedule.”  (Insomuch as you can have a “schedule” with a toddler.)

Take, for example, this attempt at a nap at 1:30…  (Note: this would be a full hour later than our normal naptime.)

“Like boating a marlin…”


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