Parental Break

As the title suggests, we got an afternoon off this weekend.

My mom came over on Friday night to watch Daphne, so Jen and I spent Saturday wandering around our favorite spot in this city, The Heights.

First we hit up Onion Creek, which has a long and storied history in my life.

Like, my 30th birthday…

Or the Thursday Night $2 Red Stripes that went on EVERY WEEK, for about 4 years.

I’m happy to report that everything is more or less where I left it 7 years ago.

They did get rid of the ratty old couches, but that was probably a long time coming.

After which we headed over to 19th St. and did some shopping for Daphne, then called in/picked up an order from Star Pizza, which is another of my haunts that I’ve been away from for far too long.

Second only to Brother’s as the best pizza in Houston

Then we drove back to Fulshear, lamenting as we did so about how ugly this little city of ours has become…particularly when held up against our old neighborhood.


BumbleDay was pretty uneventful.  There was lots of playing, a little bit of Baby Bum, and the requisite book reading.

This week’s favorite is The Paper Bag Princess.

And, for those who might be unaware, it’s incredibly important to read this book using StrongBad’s voice a la, TROGDOR!



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