Not This Again…

The sleeping has stopped.

I mentioned yesterday that I had to bring Daphne downstairs because of the storm.  Well last night at some point (honestly I was too tired to even look at a clock), she woke up and began her yowling, “DADADAD! DAAAAAAAAD!  DADA!” mantra.

And so I went upstairs.  And as soon as I pushed the door open she smiled at me, dove down onto her bed, then threw the blanket over her.

Now in retrospect, that’s pretty funny.
But at the time I was unamused.

I put my hand on her back in an effort to lull her back to sleep, and instead she cooed and kicked at my arm for about 15 minutes.  Each time I’d take my arm away, she’d start to cry again.

This went on for about an hour.

Eventually I got so tired of playing this game that I told her, “okay, that’s it.” and walked back downstairs despite her crying.

Jen was actually on her way up to spell me, but I explained that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her and that she just wants to be awake and play, or to be brought down to bed with us.

This is what she wants.

So we both got back into bed, I shut the baby monitor off to silence its horrible staticky screeching, and tried to go back to sleep.  I think Jen stayed downstairs for a few minutes, but couldn’t stand hearing her cry and went up to soothe Daphne back to sleep.

I think this worked for a while?

But while Jen was getting ready Daphne woke up, again.  And I had to go up and calm her down…again.  Although at least this time she did go back to sleep on her own and slept until about 8:30.


Must be nice.


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