The Failmometer

I think things are improving.  I think…

It would be seriously helpful if I had a thermometer that gave the same reading twice in a row.

Behold the Braun failmometer.

Seriously.  Do not buy that thing.

If I swipe it to the left and back to center, it will read 99.1.  Swipe right and it’s 100.3.

And despite there being just one degree of separation between these two (“the Kandinsky is painted on both sides!”), the results engender totally different attitudes.

The first being, “Hmm, she’s probably just been running around…
And the second, “Hmm, we should probably slow her down and keep an eye on that…

And when you get both readings at once, an exhausting cognitive dissonance ensues where you’re not sure whether or not you should be concerned.

But you’re a parent.  So you’re concerned anyway.

Despite the fact that your kid is squealing and running laps around the house and is otherwise acting like she feels just fine…

I’ve no idea…

But I do know that some reliable data would be a great place to start.


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