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So I picked up a couple new games…

The first one is Dixit.

In Dixit, each player draws a hand of cards, and one person acts as the “storyteller” for that round. They look at their cards, come up with a clue that corresponds with one of them, then they play that card face down.

Bloop & Loop?”  “Yo!” and “Adventure is out there!” might be my clues for these.  (Not necessarily in that order.)

The other players look at the cards in their hands and choose one that matches that clue as best they can.  Then they place it face down with the others.  The storyteller shuffles them all, then turns them right side up and people vote on which one they think is the closest match to the clue that was given.

Points are awarded based on how many people choose your card.  If no one chooses it, you get zero points.  You also get no points if too many people choose it, so it’s best to avoid the obvious.

Anyway it looks like an interesting game and I really love the artwork.

The other game I picked up is Secret Hitler.

This one’s a bit more complex, so I won’t go into all the rules.  Suffice to say that players are given the secret identity of either a “liberal” or a “fascist,” with one of the fascists as “Hitler.”  The gameplay revolves around trying to deduce who belongs to which faction, based on questions, lies, and suspicions.  Essentially it’s a great excuse to point fingers at your friends and call them “FASCIST!

Unfortunately, the minimum number of players for Dixit is 3, and the minimum for Secret Hitler is 5, so I won’t be playing these anytime soon.

But hey, I love games. That means I love collecting them too.

Speaking of games, I saw a great one at Dragon’s Lair for when Daphne gets a little older.

Recommended for 7+, so we’ve got a while…

Mice & Mystics is a cooperative adventure game where the heroes have all been turned into mice by the evil sorceress, Vanestra.  Undeterred, they resolve to save the kingdom anyway, despite their diminutive stature and sudden insatiable desire for Gruyère.

I haven’t actually picked this one up yet, so I don’t know much more about it than that.  (Other than it comes with miniatures that might benefit from a little paint…  Woo!)

But since we’ve got more than 5 years until Daphne’s ready to tackle it, I’ve got some time.

This Saturday Daphne and I are doing a birthday lunch with my dad while Jen attends a bridal shower.  Then on Sunday we go back to our normal BumbleDay schedule, so it looks like a busy couple days ahead.  It also looks like it’ll be another week before I get a chance to see my wife again…

Okay folks, I think that’s a wrap.

See you Monday.


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