Mun D.

Man, that was a weekend…

Once again, the girl lacks honor has forgotten how to sleep properly.  My poor wife was up with our daughter most of Friday night.  Each time Jen put her down, Daphne would awaken and yowl like a cat in a headlock.  She ended up having to co-sleep with her in the guest bedroom.  D. attempted the same maneuver on Saturday night, but we were wise to her shenanigans and simply waited out each of her bouts of false whinyness.  And she inevitably fell back asleep within a few minutes.

daphfuzzyfeetGuile and treachery in a tiny adorable package.

The rest of Saturday was just fine.  We spent it lounging around the house and recovering from a general lack of sleep Friday night.  We did take the girl out for a wagon walk in the afternoon though, which created a fantastic chance for a Radio Flyer photo shoot.

daphwagonwalk1 daphwagonwalk2 daphwagonwalk3 daphwagonwalk4


And that was Saturday.

BumbleDay was quite good as well.  Jen took off for Pure Barre, and Daphne and I followed our usual routine. Sesame Street/T. Swifty, napped, had breakfast, etc.

Then, as I mentioned last Wednesday, it was time to break out the Kelty and start round 2 of Master Blaster Training with a lap around the creek.  She was a wee bit whiny for it (she was well past due for a nap before we left), but otherwise did just fine.

keltywalk1It was a little bright out there…

Top it off with a gruyere/swiss grilled cheese and a couple O’Dell 90 Shillings at Whole Foods, and that’s a fantastic weekend.

Okay, see you guys tomorrow.


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