Vidja Daphne


Since I’m undoubtedly going to post a preparatory PAX rundown sometime next week, this will be a Freeplay Friday in name only.  Instead, I thought I’d just drop a few pics/videos of what my mornings look like.

Once I hear Daphne stir on the mechanical hellspawn baby monitor, I trudge upstairs, lift her out of her crib, change her diaper, and then we come back down to watch Sesame Street/T. Swift in bed.

daphsesameipadSlightly older picture, but the videos are always the same.

After this, we have a quick drink of water and I let her flail around for a little while to tire her out.

Holy pixels,YouTube…  What happened with the resolution here?

As you can see, Daphne often conducts an invisible philharmonic orchestra that somehow makes its way into my master bedroom during the night.  This is, apparently, an exhausting endeavor for her…

Taken roughly 2 minutes after the first video, and 4 minutes before we both fell asleep again.

These are my mornings.  And I cannot imagine a better way to start a day.

See you Monday.


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