Happy Little Tree

So this one is very off topic, but I was browsing Twitch the other night while in bed and I happened upon their “Creative” heading.

And there at the very top, with nearly 6,000 viewers, was a Bob Ross marathon stream.

Yes, it seems gamer kids have adopted Bob Ross as their own, and they are ALL IN on his old Joy of Painting show.  But they’re bringing gamer memes and sensibilities to the chat while watching the show, and the effect is nothing short of hilarious.

As each episode starts the chat floods with thousands of, “HI BOB!“s.

They all scream “RUINED!” each time he does something that, at first glance, appears as if he’s destroyed the painting.  Then, once he turns that “happy accident” into something awesome, they all chant, “SAVED!” or “WITCHCRAFT!” or “HACKS!

Whenever Bob washes his brush they all scream, “DEVIL BEATEN!”  and “RIP DEVIL!” and “BOB NOSCOPE DEVIL.

Each time he uses “Yellow Ochre” they chant “YELLOW yellowogre2”  (That last image is a Twitch chat emote.)

And lemme tell you, these kids LOVE the Van Dyke Brown.  The “VAN DYKE BROWN!” “VDB!” and “VAN DYKE BROWN NEW META!” spams so quickly you can barely read it.


bobrosspic༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ BOB TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Some other important inclusions are “MOAR TREES!” and “CABIN HYPE!” and whenever he finishes a painting they all give him “GGWP“s during the closing credits.  (Which is normally short for “Good game, well-played.”)

If you’re interested in watching, and you totally should be, each season starts at 6pm Central on Monday nights and ends at 12:30am.  You can watch it via clicking the link below:


Okay, that’s it.  We’ll be back to your normal BumbleDadding tomorrow.

Happy painting.  And God bless, my friend.


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