Looi, Looi…

So another fantastic Baby First vignette has surfaced.

Looi the Cat.

looithecat“You’re a wizard, Looi!”

The premise is that Looi fits a bunch of plastic puzzle pieces together, and then inexplicably animates them into life.  Which seems an early indoctrination for a career in cosmetic surgery…

But Looi is irrelevant.  What’s really important are the secondary characters.  Like Cheech the Elephant here (okay, that might not his real name), who constantly looks like he’s having his mind blown by Looi.

looielephant“Duuude… Looi…  What was in those brownies?

And in the most recent episode, Looi actually throws down with a monkey in a ball pit.   And by doing so, ensures that I’ll be a fan for life.




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