The Bumble Awakens

Hi there.

So our long weekend was good, albeit over way too quickly.  (Aren’t they all?)

Saturday was our typical lounge day.  Just a lot of couching and playing with Daphne.  I finished up the Daredevil series on Netflix which was exactly as I feared.  Meaning it was awesome, right up until Matt Murdock put the stupid costume on and wanted people to actually call him “Daredevil” instead of “the man in the mask.”  Then it just became too ridiculous.  I realize this was an inevitability, given that it’s a show about a comic book hero, but it’s still kind of disappointing.

Sunday saw the return of the typical BumbleDay routine, as Jen taught her Pure Barre class in the morning and we hit up the bar at Whole Foods in the afternoon.  I had the Old Chub on nitro again and…I can’t recall what Jen had, but it was a lighter ale and really quite good.  After which we came home and tried out the Kelty Backpack I mentioned on Friday.

I unclipped the myriad safety straps, adjusted all the counterbalancing measures, set atomic batteries to power, and dropped Daphne into the seat.  And, surprisingly, we got zero protestations about it.  Just a lot of happy, “Hmmm!  Hmmm!   Hmmm!“ing from her.

So I threw her over my shoulder (which was a bit awkward, but I assume that’ll get easier with practice), and we Master Blastered our way around the block.


Definitely a successful trial run.  Next time we’ll try a longer walk, maybe a lap around the creek next weekend.

And finally, we did see Star Wars yesterday.


And it was…good.  Yeah, pretty good.  I found it to be a little disjointed.  And there were quite a few happy accidents/conveniences.
The acting was good.  (Oscar-worthy if we’re comparing it to the prequel trilogy), the in-atmosphere dogfighting was amazing.  Particularly this shot:


And the geniuses behind BB-8 were fantastic.  Going practical with that little droid rather than using CGI was the correct move.

Anyway, I definitely think it has the potential to be the best trilogy of the three.  Empire is still, hands down, the best singular Star Wars film.  But this one might very well come in second.  That is, once I see the Director’s Cut.


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