Experience Festivity

Been a while since I did one of these.  Although the majority of you probably haven’t missed them.

Overwatch started their Winter Wonderland festivities this week, and added lots of new holiday-themed skins.  To be honest I’m kinda lukewarm about the majority of them (the Halloween update was much better), but I do feel this strange compulsion to collect them.

McCree as Scrooge. (Got this one.)

Roadhog with Rudolph belly and candy cane hook.

Torjborn as Santa.  (Missing Zwarte Piet.)

Zenyatta as the Nutcracker Prince

And finally, a household favorite…

Winston, as Bumble.  (I got this one too.)

Eh, it’s fun.

We actually don’t have a whole lot planned for this weekend.  Jen begins her Christmas holiday in about 2 hours, so it’ll be nice to have her home and be able to take coffee in the mornings (for a little while), with her.

I can say that the weather in Houston is absolutely godawful, which is part of the allure of staying indoors.  Yesterday was damp and in the 50’s.  Today it’s more damp and in the low 70’s.  Tomorrow will see even more dampness and be almost 80.  And then Sunday will continue with the damp, and be back down to the 40’s.

This is pure sickness-inducing weather.  Here’s hoping we can dodge that yuck…

Okay, see you guys next week.


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