Tardy’s Better than Truant

Yeah.  It’s a late post today.  Sorry.

I had non-stop meetings/phone calls at work and skipped lunch in an effort to avoid rush hour traffic.  (Alas, there was an accident…so it still took me 100 minutes to commute to my house.)

So now I’m writing for you at home…which looks like this:


Rough night with poor Daphne last night. She absolutely refused to go to bed.  Wasn’t having it.  No way. Nuh uh. Fuhggetaboutit.

Each time Jen rested her down and put a blanket on her, Daphne would spring back up, whine and stomp her feet.

Full marks go to my wife for this one.  I could naturally hear the battle going on via the baby monitor, but she’s the one who took 2 hours of interrupted sleep right in the diurnal plexus, and then went to work at 6am.

It’s a good thing you’re cute, kid.

I’ve also heard that she’s only had a 15-minute nap today, so we’re hoping to ride this thing out until bedtime and put a very sleepy girl into her crib for the night in a few hours.  But between here and there we’ve got to chart a course that circumvents the Bog of Overtired Crankiness.

I’ll let you know how all that went down next week.

See you Monday.


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