Got Static

What fantastic weather!

And that’s at 11:00am!

According to the news, many Houstonians are already over “the cold,” but I’m loving it.  And I desperately needed it.

Looking forward to days like today are how I make it through the brutal heat from June – October down here.  I actually had to pause for a moment to breathe in the clean and sweet arctic air before walking into my office this morning.

Smells are a direct line to our memories, and carried on the cold wind this morning were fragrant hints of winters past in Logan.

This is not a stock photo. I screenshotted it from their webcam this morning.
Yes, it’s beautiful there.

Daphne really enjoyed the weather yesterday evening too.  She grinned at the frigid wind on her face as we walked into the grocery store, and belly laughed when we took her back out to the car afterward.

I can say, however, that the lack of humidity is doing some really entertaining things to her fine baby hair.


Sadly, this temperature won’t last.  We’ll be back up to the 70’s by Christmas.  (Bleh.)

But it’s a comforting reminder, however fleeting, of what winter is supposed to feel like.


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