The Eyes Have It

Well hi there.

Another weekend in the books, and this was a pretty good one.

On Saturday we headed down to Dickens on the Strand: Part Deux, which was a really good time.  We picked up our annual Christmas bell ornament, got to hear Amazing Grace on the bagpipes, and then had dinner with the fam.  Successful trip all around.

I’m told that Daphne also had a fantastic time and grinned throughout the entire event.  I had to be told this, of course, because it was rather difficult for me to see her.

Her “YEEEEEEEE!“ing, however, was very evident from this vantage.


She slept for most of the trip back home, and had a pretty quiet night.

BumbleDay we spent quite a bit of the morning lounging in our pajamas. (Dad was admittedly still a little tired after walking 3+ miles with 25 lbs. of wiggly little girl strapped to his back.)  Daphne also jabbed me in the eye with her little elbow while we were watching Little Baby Bum, and burst a conjunctive blood vessel.

Gross, I know.  Those eyebrows need work.

After which I didn’t feel like doing a whole lot, so we spent the afternoon reading…

This pales in comparison to Dickens, Dad.

and doing a healthy bit of strutting/dancing in the living room.

Then our usual grocery trip ensued once Jen got home from Pure Barre.


Speaking of groceries, we started using the Google Keep app on our phones to create a shared grocery list, which was pretty rad.

It actually sensed when we’d arrived at the grocery store and pulled up the list as we were walking in, and it updates in real-time as we added/crossed off items.

It worked beautifully.

As such, I wholeheartedly recommend it to…well, anyone who grocery shops.  But particularly to those with a significant other since you can both add to it all week.  And it’s free!

On that note, I’m off.

See you tomorrow.


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