Toons Thru Time

I was tumbling down a random YouTube rabbit hole the other day…

and I came across a video that’d collected a bunch of 70’s and 80’s cartoon theme songs into one 20-minute block o’ nostalgia.

Which got me thinking… What kinds of cartoons do kids watch now?   Do they still even watch cartoons?

So far there’s been nothing but Little Baby Bum, Super Why? and Baby First in my house.  And I highly doubt Daphne’s getting much of a narrative out of those, you know?  She’s just digging on the familiar songs/patterns.

But when she’s old enough to want a story, what kinds of toons are out there for post-millennial whippersnappers?

I mean, her father (and her grandfather for that matter), used to get down on some Jonny Quest.

Apparently Race Bannon doesn’t think twice about the poor Moroccan guy in the fez when he shoots the mummy. 


“Fabulous secret powers” were revealed to He-Man, but apparently She-Ra only got “fabulous secrets.”


We actually had a car that we nicknamed “The Robeast.”  It was 75′ long and smelled of trout.

And I was a big fan of the Disney suite of Ducktales/Talespin/Gummi Bears.

This might have had more to do with my brother and I hanging out every day when they were on, though.

I am curious what passes for kids’ TV now though.  Or have they all absconded to YouTube to watch Let’s Play Minecraft videos?


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