Hello Monday, My Old Friend

The thing about having a really fun weekend is that it makes returning to work the following Monday much more difficult.

And to be honest we didn’t really do a whole lot, but it was still really nice.

Jen and I played a bit of Arkham Horror on Friday night after Daphne went to bed.  Things are becoming tenebrous in Arkham.  Yig the Serpent God is half-awake from his antediluvian slumber, and we don’t have much time left to seal the gates before the eldritch demon awakens.


On Saturday we did quite a lot of of relaxing around the house.  I took a jaunt to the local homebrew shop to pick up a new beer kit, and started the fermenting process that evening while watching some Overwatch streams.  I’m trying out the Imperial Blonde Ale this time, which seems a bit more summery than the Scottish Ale I did before.  We’ll see how it comes out.

Oh.  The Scottish Ale homebrew.  I totally forgot to talk about that, didn’t I?

scottishalebrewJen snapped this on Friday night.

Honestly, I’m pretty meh about this first batch.  I mean, it does taste like beer.
Weak, slightly flat beer, but beer nonetheless.
I think my mistake was siphoning the wort from the kettle to the fermenter.  In doing so I lost most of the trub, which is the sludgy gook that accumulates at the bottom of the kettle while boiling the ingredients. Apparently you need that stuff to keep your yeast happy.
And happy yeast is what makes booze happen.
So this time I dumped most of that stuff into the fermenter bucket; we’ll see if that improves things.

Feast, my little unicellular friends…  Feast!

Sunday was a slow one too.  Daphne has started taking some seriously extended naps recently (we’re talking close to 2 hours at a time), the timing of which put a damper on any kind of BumbleDay Excursion.
So I just chased her around the house for most of the morning/afternoon instead. And, of course, we watched our favorite videos…

Sunday night saw the temperature outside inexplicably dip below 90°, with a cool southerly breeze, so we took advantage of this gift of kindly clime and loaded our daughter into the REO Daphwagon for a walk around the creek.  Which was the perfect way to end the weekend.
Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of this, because I was scouring the creekbed for Pokemon the entire time.
Yes, I am an idiot.  I’ll remember next time.

Okay, see you tomorrow.


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