The Crud


So our weekend was, once again, pretty slow.  However this time the languid pace was attributable to Daphne catching some funk from the aforementioned unwashed masses at Giggles & Fun.   *sigh*  I guess I shouldn’t have said anything…

She doesn’t have a fever or anything, *knocks on wood* but she has a cough, watery eyes, and a really runny nose.  So, instead of going out, we did a lot of laying on the couch and watching Little Baby Bum.

daphneholdingfinger2Holding hands is a requirement for The LBB.

That said, Daphne’s certainly not letting a little thing like a cold slow her down.

daphnetoostronk“Ze Daphne es too stronk for leetle baby virus!”

So we played upstairs for a little while on Sunday.  But these days her playroom, filled to bursting with hundreds of dollars worth of toys, apparently pales in comparison to the nonstop hilarity that is our bedroom closet.  We must’ve played in there for hours.
And it’s the same game, over and over and over.

First, she’ll shut the door and I whisper, “daaaaaarrrk…”   She copies this and whispers back, “daaaaaahh.
Then she wanders over and pushes my shoes around.  I respond “SHOES!” in a voice like The Tick.
And after this, she pokes my clothes hamper and I sing, “HAMPER!” in a varying pitches, depending on where she touches it.  This is, apparently, incredibly funny.
Then we open the door, and I say, “LIGHT!

You also might’ve noticed by the above picture that her hair has gotten completely out of control.  So today her mom is taking her to very first real haircut appointment.  Meaning that her dad isn’t going to just snip her bangs into a pseudomullet like he did the last time her hair was in her face.

newhaircutstand“This is not a good look for me, Dad.”

So I should have some pictures of that for tomorrow.

See you then.


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