Figgles & Gun

Strike that. Reverse it.


Giggles and Fun has rapidly become a favorite of both Daphne and Jen.

Daphne gets to toddle, unfettered, around a giant play area and amuse herself with what to her must seem like a whirling galaxy of new toys.
And her mother gets to sit back and relax for a little while, confident in the knowledge that almost everything in the room is padded, cushioned and entirely baby-friendly.  This allows Jen a brief respite from redirecting Daphne’s unerring magnetic attraction toward harm.

DaphneGigglesandFunWhere have they hidden all the sharp corners?

Of course, you do have to pay for this kind of peace of mind…

An all-day pass comes out to $10.95 per child ($8.95 if the kid is under 1), or you can buy a recurring Monthly Membership for $40.  I’m not sure if Jen and Daph would actually be able to make it there 4 times in a month, but it’s certainly something we’ll be monitoring in case that option becomes cost-effective.

indoor-play-katy-08These horses and zebras don’t feed themselves,  you know…

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that the germaphobe in me twists himself into emperor’s hat knots at the idea of Daphne playing with the same toys that the spawn of the unwashed masses have been touching, playing with, and/or gnawing on.
And this is the reason why I personally haven’t been to G&F yet.  As I mentioned before, I used to work at Discovery Zone, so I know exactly how filthy these places can get.  And having a teenager spritz some off-brand Lysol on things and hurriedly wipe them down at the end of the day is an ornamental effort at best.
If I don’t actually see it, then I can pretend that the place is an immaculate paradigm of sterile toddler delight.

indoor-play-katy-05The idea of Daphne touching anything in here gives me a case of the jibblies.

But honestly that’s just me and my weirdness.  I’m pretty sure it’s fine.  (At least, fine when it isn’t flu season.  Blech.)

Finally, the best, or perhaps the worst, selling point I could give you about Giggles & Fun is that your kid isn’t going to want to leave.  At 4:00, when they start closing the place down, the inevitable response is a chorus of protests and infantile whines as the patrons are forced to go home.
Not entirely unlike last call at the pub.
Although I’m actually with the kids on this one: 4pm does seem awfully early to be closing up shop.

indoor-play-katy-02Guess they’re avoiding roller car rush hour.

Anyway, if you have a toddler that’s in need of entertainment, and you happen to be on the west side of Houston, Giggles & Fun is worth a stop.  And no, they have not compensated me in any way for posting this.


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