So Prima Haircut did happen yesterday, but not without Elizabethan levels of drama.

haircutdramaThe anguish…of a haircut.

Jen took her to a local place called Snip-Its, which looks like a cross between Duck Dodgers’s space ship and the Korova Milk Bar.

snipitsphoto+5 BumblePoints if you understood those references.

I’m told that the stylist there was quite patient and kind, despite Daphne’s vocal protests.  I’ll go out on a limb here and assume that Little D. wasn’t the first baby to freak out in her barber chair.

But the stylist did a decent job, despite all the crying.

daphhaircut1  IMG_5172
Man.  I know I’m probably biased, but that’s one seriously adorable little girl…


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