Daph Withdrawal

I think I’m suffering from daughter withdrawal this morning.

whosefaultisthatAnd whose fault is that, old man?

Yep, totally mine.

Saturday night I was out playing Warhammer until 1:30 am, which threw a very fuzzy blanket over my BumbleDay morning.
Monday was a slightly hectic day at work, which kept me at the office until after 7.
I’ve been trying to help the local store get an X-Wing scene off the ground on Tuesday evenings, so I didn’t get home until well after midnight last night.
And Daphne had Mother Goose time with grandma this morning, so they left earlier than usual while I was stuck waiting for the sprinkler system repairman.

As a result, I feel like I haven’t seen much of my daughter this week.

Although things should go back to a semi-normal schedule tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll have our typical morning of Sesame Street/Taylor Swift-induced naptime.

daphsleeptime1Zzzz…  Frggle-shake it off…shmzzzzzz…


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