Busy Day

Pretty busy day ’round these parts, so I’m afraid I don’t have a whole lot of time for posting.


I am a bit surprised that spring break is already halfway over, though.  (And I’m sure my wife would agree with me on how quickly this week is flying by.)  We intended on finally watching In the Heart of the Sea at some point this week after Daphne has gone to bed; hopefully we’ll still get around to that.

The waters that came with the monsoon last week have subsided a bit, and turned the highly-landscaped ditch in our neighborhood into a rather nice little stream.



flewellenclamsDon’t ask me where all these mollusks came from…

And finally, I’m about ready to hit up Rufus and travel back to 1784 to break Ben Franklin’s hand before he can write his essay on Daylight Savings Time.  The hour change in the morning has completely screwed up our daily routine.

Ben Franklin with black eye --- Image by © Third Eye Images/CorbisSquander this, Benny Boy.

Okay, see you tomorrow.


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