Life Moves Pretty Fast…


Yep, I took the Day Off on Friday.  From work, from posting, from just about everything except hanging out with my wife and daughter.  Which was both quite nice and long overdue.

The rest of the weekend was also pretty good.  Lots of messing about with the new X-Wing ships that released this week.  The Punishing One got the most hype of the new releases, but I kinda dig on the Mist Hunter.

CCG_Mist_Hunter4-LOM’s Winnebago.

But that’s not the point.  The real point here is that I found a gaming store that’s not completely hell and gone from my house.  (Meaning it takes me less than an hour to drive there.)   It’s a little place out in Richmond called Goldmine Games, and it’s really quite nice.  You can tell the owner takes a lot of pride in it as it’s well-stocked, comfortable, and very clean.

goldmine games frontIt would never be mistaken as a “large store,” but it makes up for that in coziness. 




He’s trying to get an X-Wing thing going on Tuesday nights, so I might just skip the tai chi/bad music this week (no, I’ve not been back since The Whitney Incident), and head out there instead.

Finally, BumbleDay went off as usual. We started with a nutritious breakfast.  Well, brunch really, since the time change still has our schedule completely screwed.  But that’s a subject for another post.

Followed by lots of standing up/playtime/reading on the living room floor.

isthatreadingIf I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was actually reading that thing…

And capped off with our usual walk around the creek.

That “wing flap” thing?  That’s a new development…

And that was our weekend!

See you tomorrow.


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