…But It’s Not

The damn pollen has returned to Houston with a vengeance, and my poor daughter is once again taking a beating from it.  Her eyes are all swollen and teary, she sneezes constantly, and her adorable little nose has turned into a snot spigot.

Hopefully this will subside soon; I feel so bad for the little snarfy thing…


In other not-really-news, I actually fell asleep at a semi-decent hour last night.  Well, decent for me anyway.  I typically get a second wind at about 11pm, and so it’s nigh impossible for me to fall asleep before 1:30-2am on most nights.  Thus I spend a lot of solitary late nights Overwatching/X-Winging, while my poor wife and child try to sleep through the dulcet tones of rolling dice and angry ranting over a headset.

But I was asleep by midnight last night, and subsequently I got nearly 8 contiguous hours of rest.  A phenomenon that hasn’t happened in weeks, if not months, and today the world is a much brighter and better place for it.  Amazing how that works.

Finally, Daphne went to Mother Goose Time at a new library yesterday (I guess her usual place was closed for Spring Break?), and she announced her presence among the other new babies with authority.  Apparently all the kids were supposed to be sitting in the laps of their respective mommies.

Then there’s my daughter…



Comfortably wearing the center of attention and defiantly swimming crawling against the stream.  I realize this probably means that I’m in for a whole heap of trouble when she gets older.  But still…

That’s my girl.


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