Daphne has taken to saying what sounds like, “BOB!” over and over and over…and over.

newhaircutstandShe looks like this, but with sound.

I’ve been trying to get video of this, but apparently it’s a Quantum Bobbening and any attempt to formally observe the behavior changes it.

So instead I’ve just been asking her who the hell this “Bob” character is.

“Bob who?  Bob Barker?”
“Bob Marley?”
“Bob Dylan?”
“Bob Goldthwait?”
“Bob-bob-bob-bob-Barbara Ann?”

And on we go, until I run out of Bobs and start cheating with replies like, “Bah-rry Manilow?” “Bah-la Lugosi?” and “Bah-ba Fett?”


This is a difficult game.


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