Booty of the Month – February


Yep, February’s theme is “Dead,” which is fitting since both Deadpool and The Walking Dead were a big part of this month’s entertainment repertoire.

feb16lootcloseWhat’s in the bahhhks?!?


feb16lootdeadboxAh yes.  Deadpool.  I’m not much of a fan, I’m afraid…


feb16loottwdA Walking Dead “Construction Set.”

feb16lootrickbagOh.  I expected this to be a little more difficult…

feb16loottinyrickLook!  It’s tiny, angry Rick.  With perfectly sculpted eyebrows.
     feb16lootshirt1Sigh…  And another t-shirt to be given away.

feb16lootshirt2Funny, but not really my thing.

feb16lootearsString of Ears soap-on-a-rope.  Ick.

All told I’m not impressed again this month.  That makes two in a row that have been pretty lame.

You guys have one more shot at redeeming yourselves before I cancel my subscription…


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