Some People Think It’s Funny…

Over the past week, the dials on my little girl’s nasal cavities have somehow been set to “Unrelenting Deluge,” and we’re not exactly sure how to ebb the green nostril tide.

Seriously.  I’ve never seen so much snot in my life.  And from such a tiny nose!

What’s more, Daphne has suddenly developed black belt-like quickness, and is handily blocking our every attempt to remove said mucus.

neoblockpunchSmith is clearly just trying to wipe Neo’s nose.


At first we thought she might have a cold, but since it’s been going on for a week now and she’s exhibiting no other symptoms, we’re assuming that it’s just a result of the cruel and unusual amount of pollen that’s in the air.

So we’re rampaging through packages of Boogie Wipes, and hoping that the plants finish doing their thing quickly this year.

boogiewipesYes, that’s actually a thing.

Fortunately, her stuffiness hasn’t inhibited her ability to sleep.  (Yet.)  She’s actually been making it through most nights without a bottle, and she still naps with me in the morning after we watch Sesame Street/T.Swift.

newmorningnapfebThe best part of my day.


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