Watching Fire


As I mentioned earlier this week, I played through Firewatch last weekend, which was pretty damn good.


There are no aliens, no zombies, no sleek cars, and zero guns.  So if that’s a necessity for you in a game (and there’s nothing wrong with that, mind you), you’ll probably want to skip Firewatch.

It’s just a really interesting narrative about mistakes and how we deal with them, set against the backdrop of a highly stylized Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming.


I really enjoyed it, but your mileage may vary.

As for Daphne, she’s still suffering from horrible allergies.

daphallergies2“My dose is bery sduffy…”

Her eyes and nose have been running nonstop for 3 days now, and she’s developed a little cough from all the drainage.  I don’t think it’s worth taking her to the doctor yet, as I don’t think there’s a whole lot they can do.  But if she hasn’t improved by Monday I’ll schedule an appointment for her next week, just to be sure.

Okay folks.  That’s a finished week o’ Bumblin’.

See you Monday.


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