Sorry about missing the post on Friday; things have been pretty busy.  And it looks like they’ll remain busy for the rest of this week while Jen wraps up her evening in-service classes.

Speaking of which, Jen had to go in for one of these classes on Saturday, so it was just Daph and me for the afternoon.  And given that the weather was still pretty nice, we headed to the park at La Centerra where I quickly learned about Daphne’s disdain for grass/clover.

IMG_3513Hey, what’s this green stuff?


God in Heaven, what is that filth?!?

She absolutely refused to put her feet down in the grass, and even held a pike position in midair, just so her toes wouldn’t touch it.  So we left the real grass behind and headed over to the padded/Astroturfed section where she could crawl around without touching anything, you know, natural.


She met a couple other babies there that were crawling around like little steroidal crabs, but sadly she had zero interest in emulating them.  Instead, she kept pulling herself up on my knees and trying to walk around like the big kids.

She did, however, pause for a bit to try and steal a pink bow from another little girl, but ended up just pulling the elastic back and snapping it back against the kid’s head.  Which made me laugh a little.  Alas, the little girl’s mother didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did.

The consensus from both of the baby mommas I met there was that Daphne is enormous for being not quite10 months old.  And I must admit, now that I have a basis for comparison, she towered over both of their little girls.  Amazon baby.

Anyway, Sunday was our typical BumbleDay, and we spent the morning doing our thing.  Breakfast.  Bottle.  BabyFirst.  And then Daph helped me finish up Firewatch, which was a fantastic story/game that I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this Friday.

IMG_3498Pshh…  No, Daddy.  Looking at the TV is for noobs.

So proud…

Okay, see you tomorrow.


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