If They Should Bar Wars…


So I guess you’ve all seen the new Star Wars trailer by now…

I kid.

Seeing this got me wondering, what is the best way to introduce these to your kids?

Do you go the Machete route?  Meaning that you view them in the following order:

A New Hope (IV)
Empire Strikes Back (V)
Attack of the Clones (II)
Revenge of the Sith (III)
Return of the Jedi (VI)

[Note the conspicuous absence of Episode I.  **spits**  We shall not be speak of this again.]

Watching them this way treats the prequels as a VERY extended flashback and, more importantly, it preserves the cinematic shock of Vader being Luke’s father.

This is important to me, because I actually saw Empire in the theater way back in the day.  (Yes, I’m very old.)

I remember being frightened of the Empire’s drones that landed on Hoth, desperately wanting to be best friends with Yoda, and finding the fight between Luke and Vader to be the most amazing thing I’d ever seen in my 5 years of existence.  But the thing that sticks out the most in my recollection?   I was completely confused as to how Darth Vader could possibly be “Luke’s daddy.”

Because daddies can’t be bad guys…
Can they?

Anyway, this brings me to another point.  Should we bring Daphne to the theatre to see it, even though she’ll obviously have zero recollection of ever being there?   That way, when she’s 40, she can tell her kids that she was there?  That she saw Episode VII in the theater and lament how old she is?

I’m tempted…

Okay, see you Monday.


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