Sour Apples

So I truly lived up to the “BumbleDad” moniker this Saturday…  I had no idea that baby food went bad so quickly.

Not denoted on the label is that the contents of this jar has a half-life of roughly 75 minutes.

I figured that if we were refrigerating the stuff, and we rarely took it out of the fridge (once a day), then hey, it should keep for the week until we head back to the store on Sunday, right?

And the collective shaking of parental heads out there is changing the orbit of the Earth.

Turns out these things are only good for 3 days, tops, once you’ve opened them.

This lesson became very clear on Saturday night when Daphne woke up wailing every 45 minutes with had a swollen, taut tummy and horrible gas pains.

All because I gave her bad applesauce.

Go ahead and add yet another check mark under the “Terrible Father” heading.  I earned that one.


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