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So this Sunday was our first trip to the grocery store(s) with the kid.  Up to this point I’d been handling all of the grocery shopping solo on the weekend while Jen stayed home with her.  It wasn’t that we didn’t want to bring her out; just that Jen teaches a Sunday Pure Barre class and afterward she’s ready for some home-time with Daphne.

But she took this Sunday off, so a family trip to Whole Foods/HEB was on the docket.

That’s right.  Suburban honkey high life, people.

She was quite well-behaved throughout the entirety of the trip, and even allowed her mother and me to wolf down a Gruyère & swiss on sourdough and drink an Ellie’s Brown Ale at the Whole Foods grilled cheese bar.

wholefoodsbarI’m a Sunday regular here.

I realize that this is a far cry from my youthful evenings spent howling at the moon at Onion Creek, but it’s what I have to work with these days.  Besides, it would be a little sad if I were still staying out all night and pounding buskets of Red Stripe like I did a decade ago.

Anyway, Daphne unloaded a barrage of intestinal milk-mush just as we stopped at the bar (like she does), and subsequently became a little irritable.  But Jen pulled a Koala kwik-change in their bathroom and she was just fine afterward.  In fact, by the time we’d hit the soda aisle in HEB, Daphne was fast asleep and remained so until we were almost home.

A successful trip all around.


The rest of our weekend was decidedly low-key, most of it spent lounging around the living room and trying to keep Daphne entertained.  Which is not entirely unlike rotating through a quick circuit workout regimen, over and over, until she falls asleep.

I swear, that kid gets bored with things faster than I do…and that’s saying something.


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