**grumble grumble**

So I mentioned a while back that we have a new baby monitor.  And it works…fine.

Although it seems that Jen’s nightstand is a wee bit too far for the antenna signal to reach.  (Antennae, how quaint.)  And if the damn thing happens to lose the signal, it emits a horrid squawking sound to alert the Gulf coast that it is no longer receiving its regularly scheduled baby broadcast.

So we moved it to my nightstand instead.

Which is fine, as I’m the one who typically gets up during the night to Doze Ms. Daphne.  (Jen has to get up extremely early, so I’ve become The Nightwatchman.)  This system seems to work out quite well, as my work hours are flexible enough that I can sleep in a little.

But then we have nights like last night…

First, Daphne awoke, ravenous, at 3:30am.  So I headed upstairs, bottle in hand.   She pounded the entirety of it, immediately fell back asleep, and I put her back to bed.  There she slept peacefully until 6am.  When these sounds began to come through the monitor.




Yeah.  You try to sleep through that.

So after it was clear that she was not going to go back to sleep, and once these noises became increasingly irritated in tone, I went back upstairs to bring her down.  See, I’m really trying to balance the time necessary to let her fall back asleep on her own, versus going up to “rescue” her when she starts to sound genuinely upset.
I do this because I don’t want her to create any negative associations, or feelings of being alone, toward her crib. That way it’s easier to put her in there at night.

And we’ll see in a year or two if this maneuver actually works…

Anyway, I went up to get her and we came down to the downstairs bedroom.  She wobbled and wiggled and shrieked happily, and I remained as still as possible while trying to keep her from falling off the bed.

After about 30 minutes of this, I gave up on the dream of additional sleep.

And so I took her into the bathroom with me and we started our morning ritual, which begins with her going into the Snugamonkey while I take a shower.

Several minutes pass, and as I’m rinsing off I notice that all baby-babbling has ceased and things have gotten awfully quiet.  And you parents out there know exactly what happened next…

backtosleepmonkeyWell.  I’m glad someone is getting some rest…

Yep.  Asleep in the monkey.  For a friggin’ hour.  I actually had to go in there to wake her up when it was time to go on our walk…and she had the nerve to look annoyed at me for doing so.

As such, I’m dragging a bit today.

I really hope this doesn’t disrupt the whole circadian breakbeat groove we had going…


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