A Few Tidbits

Hi there.

I’m a bit scattered and busy today, but wanted to drop off a few awesome things here.  First and foremost, my sister-in-law just finished this and, as you can see, it’s utterly amazing.

amneedlptDat turtle…

We’re supposed to catch up with them this weekend; I can’t wait to hold the finished product and hang it in Daphne’s room.  Unassailably awesome.

Speaking of Daphne’s room, our little girl has started flipping herself over in her crib.  And in her play yard.  And on the changing table.  And anywhere else that we leave her on her back for longer than 45 seconds.

tummydaph1“It’s okay, Dad.  Leave me be.  I can fly.”

“Okay so maybe I can’t fly. Yet. Flip me back over, please?”

Every morning this week when I’ve awoke and (immediately) checked the baby monitor, she’s flipped herself over.  This in turn prompted a quick bout of “ohmyGodshe’ssleepingonherstomachwhataboutSIDS?” Googling.  And, as it turns out, it’s all totally normal and fine; just part of the growing process.

And that growing thing?  That is a process that is humming along just fine, thank you.

toosmallpile1A big fluffy, flame-retardant jumble of cost-per-wear inefficiency.

See that mountain of jersey knit, zippers and tiny snaps?  That’s a pile of 3-month stuff that no longer fits our rapidly enlarging daughter.  At this rate, we’ll soon be wrapping her in entire bolts of cotton and using boxcars as baby shoes.

giantbaby2Daphne visits Chicago – 1 year

Okay I’ve gotta run.  See you tomorrow.


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