A Weekend? Where?

Yeah, that one flew by.  Funny how staying late at the office on Friday, coupled with not leaving the house on Saturday, can somehow swallow up an entire weekend in one gulp.

I guess it’s a good thing I have pictures to prove that it happened.

So on Saturday we took the puppies for their morning walk, and Daphne got to come along in her new big girl stroller.

toteshuggbleTotes huggable…

This is an entirely unauthorized photo, and I’ll probably be in trouble later for posting it, but I happen to love it.

As it turned out, this was as ambitious as we got on Saturday, and we spent the rest of the day at home relaxing.  Jen and Daphne napped quite a bit, and I played an unhealthy amount of Diablo III.

Sunday saw the Return of BumbleDay, as Jen went back to teaching her early Pure Barre class.  Which meant a lazy morning watching NFL Gameday Morning, playing a bit of Metal Gear, and later watching the Texans suck, and yet somehow derp their way into a win.

sundaypreppedFully equipped.

After which, we packed up and headed for our weekly grocery sojourn.  And Little D was about as well-behaved as she was last week, only getting truly fussy as we were leaving HEB.

I also believe there to be some kind of mystical merde Maginot line between our house and Whole Foods, because Daphne consistently unloads into her diaper at some point in the trip and has to be changed as soon as we arrive.
Although if that’s the only trade-off for her mother and I enjoying a pint and a decent meal, it’s one I’m more than willing to undertake.  (More so if you consider it’s her mom who actually changes said diaper, while dad sips a Real Ale Red King.  (Which is a bit burlier, alcohol-wise, than I typically like, but still pretty tasty.)

wholefoodsbar120 years and 7 months from now, kid.

See you tomorrow.


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