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As I’ve mentioned ad nauseam, I have a lengthy commute to and from work.  This gives me quite a bit of time where audio is the only input format that’s safe for me to partake in.  (Do you hear that people?  Audio. Only.  That means stop looking at your damn phones and causing the accidents that worsen gridlock.)  Thing is, I’d choose a deep tissue massage by rabid mountain lions over listening to the radio in Houston, so I turn to podcasts for my commuting entertainment.

The Nerdist


Chris Hardwick, Jonah & Matt make for a fantastic trio, and listening to them get personal and conceptual with their celebrity guests is refreshing, and very rarely disappoints.  They release 2 or 3 per week though, so sometimes it’s difficult to stay current and I end up with a backlog like I have now.  (I’m currently listening to Kevin Bacon, and have Bryan Cranston, Robert Rodriguez and Bobcat Goldthwait in the hopper.)


Constructed Resources


What can I say, I’ve gotten pretty involved in Magic Online these days and I love listening to Marshall and Eric’s take on the current meta and top decks.  I’ve been a fan of Limited Resources, Marshall’s original podcast, for years.  But I don’t care much for the current limited environment (fie to core sets!), so I’ve stopped listening to LR for the time being.


Official Wizards of the Coast Podcast


This one mostly covers D&D stuff, and it’s fun to listen to the minds behind a game I’ve played and studied since I was old enough to play games.  (Someday I might actually find a group to play with again.)  The live-cast stuff that Chris Perkins does with the Penny Arcade guys at PAX is awesome too.


The Writer’s Almanac

writers almanac logo

Garrison Keillor could read non-disclosure agreements to me and I’d be spellbound and happy.  So listening to him read a poem every morning is one of the best ways to start my day.  And I particularly love hearing his sign off when I’m headed to my office, “Be well.  Do good work.  And keep in touch.


And that’s it.  I occasionally stray from these and download some new stuff (this week it’s been some Mortal Kombat podcasts that have all been horrible), but these are what get me through the grisly I-10 rush hour traffic every day.  And I’m very much indebted to each of these people for helping me to do so.

So thanks, guys.


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