Those of you on Facebook likely already saw this over the weekend, but I thought I’d share it here too. Friday night is often gaming night ’round the Shaw household, and Daphne just found one that she likes quite a bit.


Essentially, the game is an interpretation of what flowers might dream about as they’re sitting on a windowsill in the city.  (Thankfully they’ve yet to make game about what I dream about.  Because while the Monty Python cast performing interpretive dance renditions of the entire Barry Manilow catalogue on a rotating dais in Dillard’s is entertaining, it doesn’t hold much in the area of interactive gameplay.)

The music in the game is soft and beautiful, and the flowers make lovely little chiming noises as you bump into them and collect more and more petals that float along with you on your journey.

Here’s the first level.


So for you gaming parents out there, this is a fantastic title for babies. It’s filled with bright colors and slow floating movement, it doesn’t require constant attention, and since you play using the gyroscope in the controller it requires only one hand to play.




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