Booty of the Month Club – August 2015

So here we go!  August’s Loot Crate.  The theme for the month was, “Villians.”


lootcrateaug15LET’S SEE WHAT’S IN THE BOX!


captainamericaboxWHY, IT’S ANOTHER BOX!


skullpinlootI have no idea what this insignia is, but I think that’s Redd Foxx Red Skull in the background?  My dad would know, he’s more of a Cappy fan than I am.


jokerwoodlootThe “heehee” on the mouth is a nice touch.


A Herm Edwards t-shirt?

No, it’s an apron.  And sadly the reference is lost on me. (I never got into Breaking Bad.)  Jen has assured me that it is awesome.

A Marvel box.

With a horrifying Carnage mug inside it!

Okay, that’s pretty awesome…  Too bad it’s not dishwasher-friendly.

Overall this month’s crate was quite good.  There wasn’t a whole lot of “loot” in there per se, but there were some higher-end items this time.

Well done, you Loot Crate Gnomes.



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