So I haven’t been sleeping all that well lately.  This isn’t attributable to Daphne (although she does wake me up sporadically), I’ve just always wrestled with resting.

That said, I wrote my post yesterday in a bit of a haze.   And while I was doing so it seemed somehow familiar.  As if it were writing itself.

I gave it a quick proofread, hit “Publish,” then noticed a “Similar Posts” link at the bottom of the page entitled “Zen and the Art of Baby Maintenance.”   And then it hit me how I could auto-pilot through a post…  I’d already written one just like it.

So I edited it a little and linked back to the first post, as if I’d intended to further the discussion somehow.  But I eventually came to the realization that I hadn’t really said anything new.  I’d just reiterated every point I made a month ago, but the writing was much, much worse.

And so I decided to blow the whole thing up, and pretend it didn’t happen.

deletekeySometimes discretion is the better part of writing.

Therefore I have a two-fold apology to make.
First, if you didn’t see a post yesterday, I’m sorry.  There was one, but it wasn’t worth reading.  I promise.
And if you did read yesterday’s entry, I’m also sorry.  I didn’t realize at the time that I was repeating myself.

An ancillary reason I took it down was because complaining about that particular subject twice made it seem like I have anger issues.  I’m not.  I honestly just forgot that I’d already whined about that topic.

Now, the real unfortunate part in all this is that the adorable picture of Baby D I’d included was deleted along with her father’s drivel.  And so I hope you won’t mind my including it here, replete with a BRAND NEW CAPTION!

sorryfatherI deserve better prose than that, Dad.  

Thanks for bearing with me.  I realize deleting things on the Internet is kind of against the rules.  But this is my blog; I make the rules here.


See you tomorrow.



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