In the Hood

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I don’t recall ever having a towel with a hood on it when I was a kid.

hoodedtowel2Yeah, I’m a little jealous of this.

Post-deluge, Daphne has received more than a dozen of these and, strangely, most of them are white.  Now I’m not sure who made the call on producing white hoods for children, but it seems to me they’ll either make her look like an albino Jawa, or the most adorable little Klan member ever.



albinojawaUtinni Supremacists

And now, as I pore over all the things that weren’t purchased for us in the various showers, I’m starting to pale a bit myself.  I believe the most pressing issues are, in no particular order: a changing table; a breast pump; bottles (we currently only have 3), and another car seat base.  Followed shortly by a crib mattress (she’s going to stay in the basset hound bassinet next to us for a while, so this won’t be necessary right away), a dresser, and a Jer & Daphne Travel Kit. (Carrier + diaper bag for yours truly.)

That’s only what?  Another $1,500 or so?

In unrelated news, the machines in my life are finally starting to get their poop in a group.  I just got the Juke back this morning from the dealership for its recall/60k check-up, my phone was replaced on Friday although it’s taken them until yesterday to make the damn thing actually work properly (I apologize to anyone who tried to call and/or text me this past weekend…I never received any of them), and the great site migration is now finished and all should be calm on the Bumblefront for the foreseeable.

Now if I could just convince everything to just hold still for a little while…


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  1. You had them…. I have pictures!!

    Love you … Glad things are better!

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