P’shaw Shower



So the motherboard on my iPhone has become rather capricious over the past few days.  And while it sometimes works just fine,  it requires 10 minutes or so of frozen “quiet time” with increasing regularity.

I’m in the process of getting it replaced, but I used my most recent upgrayedd for Jen’s phone last year.  Now under normal circumstances I’d simply use her line for my new phone, but I’m (finally) migrating my number over to my work account, which is with Verizon instead of AT&T, and so things have become…complicated.

Anyway, the phone won’t take pictures anymore.  So no shots of baby stuff until I get a new one.  Sorry.

I did, however, leave my real camera at the office yesterday.  And so I got a chance to snap a picture of the setup for today’s Daphne Downpour in our lunchroom.  Which, I must admit, made me pause for a moment and give a little emotional smirk when no one was looking.
You see, I’m the CIO of the company I work for, and I also happen to be the son of the owner.  As such, there’s always been a quiet undercurrent of alienation and enmity towards me in my workplace.   Which is fine.  I’m a big boy and, for the most part, I’ve gotten used to it.  Honestly, it’s probably not that different than what any other I.T. guy puts up with on a daily basis.
But a co-worker took it entirely upon herself to set up a baby shower for Jen, Daphne and me.  She spent her own money on pink and white balloons, a pink tablecloth, and then made lunch for everyone.  And, because it was so unexpected, it crashed right through the wall I keep around myself to get through the workday, and allowed a little sentiment to pour through behind it.

I’m incredibly thankful for this.
And it means more to me than she’ll ever know.


I’ll try to edit this with a few more shots from the shower itself later this afternoon.




pscshower5 pscshower4 pscshower3 pscshower2


pscshower7 pscshower9

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