Facehuggers and Headpants

Ahoy there.

So Saturday’s shower did indeed go off swimmingly. Lots of people we hadn’t seen in a long time, catching up with people that they hadn’t seen in a long time over some excellent Mexican food. So it all worked out as intended.

Although I will say that we opened presents for what seemed like an eternity…

I’m not trying to sound ungrateful or anything; everyone was supremely generous with their gifts and we very much appreciate them. I’m just a little sensitive to the pacing and flow of events, and the gift opening process dragged a bit. As such it felt like we lost the room for a while, and no amount of ridiculous antics on my part could keep people entertained through the sixth opening of a set of burp cloths.


facehuggerI did my damnedest though…

Regardless, it was a great time and Jen and I made out like Madoffian bandits on the deal. It took me the majority of Sunday to dig down through the stacks of gifts to where the wood grain on our dining room table was visible again, so thank you to everyone who came. We really appreciate it and, more importantly, we loved seeing you all. I can’t wait for Daphne to meet you.

In other news, I’m having to write this post in ‘effing MS Notepad in the vain hope that I’ll eventually be able to upload it to my site. It seems that GoDaddy has somehow forgotten how to host websites, which is interesting given that’s supposed to be their core competency. Like Starbucks forgetting how to make cof-nevermind, bad example.

At this point if I could escape their contract and migrate the whole thing over to Laughing Squid, I totally would. I must qualify this, however, with the admission that the techs I’ve been on the phone with are very nice people, and seem genuinely baffled as to why their hardware/networking is screwing things up so horribly. (They’re not alone there.) There’s been an avalanche of acronyms being thrown around (IP, DNS, PHP, CP, etc.), and none of it seems to be helping.

godaddychatOh, and your timer? It sucks at its core competency too.

And finally, I’d like to take a moment here to wish my wife a very, very happy birthday. You’re more beautiful now than on the day we met.  And if I were given a checklist, I still couldn’t have chosen a better mother for my daughter.  I love you.

firstmeetThis was taken roughly 45 minutes after we met.



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  1. She is the perfect mother of my granddaughter ! And I always thought so… It was love at first sight with me and the entire family too!

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