T- One Month

Today crosses us over the “One Month to Go” mark, and there’s quite a bit left to do.  Actually, I’m beginning to feel like I’ll never get around to all the things I need to finish…  And I should probably get used to that feeling.

Regardless, things are getting chipped off of our monolithic to-do list.  There’s a respectable stash of boobs bottles amassing on the counter.  The “GOGOGO!” hospital bags + necessary toiletries have been purchased and are almost finished being packed.    Diaper boxes are cracked, stacked and ready to be crapped…in.  And finally, my brother and I installed the car seat base on Friday (thanks D!), and I clipped the seat on for the very first time this morning.

daphneseatReady for Driving Miss Daphne.

This thing doesn’t leave a whole lot of room in the front passenger seat; fortunately my wife isn’t very big so it should work out just fine.

The weekend was a relatively low key one.  (As most of them are these days.)  Jen had some tutoring on Saturday morning, so I took that time to head over to Games Workshop and get in my weekly “Escalation League” game.

That’s my “Gorkanaut,” although I’m not quite finished painting it.

Not that anyone has the slightest interest in these things, but my Orks wrecked some shop and earned one point for our (last place) team.  And there was much rejoicing.

Sunday saw a whole lot of couch time.  Jen caught up on some planning/grading and I caught up on episodes of Firefly.  Yes, I realize that having never seen this show is grounds for having one’s geek card suspended.  I’m working on it.
We also did our weekly trip to the Whole Foods grilled cheese bar where Jen has a bowl of soup with an Abita Root Beer on tap, and I utterly destroy my paleo diet with sourdough + gruyere + cheddar goodness, topped off with a nitro Polygamy Porter.  Totally worth it.

And finally, it occurred to me that I’d accidentally omitted one small, but very important, member of my morning ritual.  So I forced him to pose for a quick pic among the wildflowers this morning too.

The fluffiness is getting completely out of control.

See you tomorrow.


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