Baby Monsoon



Nothing new to report on the gift front today.  But I believe this to be the quiet before the Baby Monsoon arrives on the ‘morrow.  This shower has been set up by my mom and sister-in-law (thank you both!), and represents the multi-family/friends/fajitas/margarita event.  Should be a good time.  And I’m quite certain I’ll have pictures to post from it on Monday.

All else is relatively calm.  Jen has ceased teaching Pure Barre classes for the time being (well, she’s supposed to have ceased anyway), and is settling into a “5 Weeks Left” mode of ever increasing rest.  Although this is probably just wishful thinking on my part, as convincing her to slow down and rest has been like trying to push water uphill.  Hopefully this weekend she’ll find some time to just relax.

The Juke has been in the shop the past two days having some recall work done.  You know, just little things like replacing the entire timing chain and fixing a potential fuel leak which has, in semi-rare cases, caused the car to explode.  As such I’m cruising ’round town in a Nissan Sentra.  Which, by the way, is a horrible little automobile.  It cannot get out of its own way (despite its many and varied RPM fluctuations), has no USB connectivity and it’s so generic that might as well be painted flat white with a black barcode and the word, “CAR” stenciled on the hood.  Hopefully I’ll have the Juke back by Monday night.  I really miss my podcasts…

And speaking of work being done, I spent 2 hours on the phone with my hosting service about the horrible latency we’ve all been suffering here.  And, after a few rounds of “there’s nothing we can do,” I’m getting them to relocate this site (along with every other site I own), to a new server.  And I only had to pay them $100 for the privilege.  That transfer is supposed to happen here within the next 5 days, so things might get interesting next week.


And finally, I might have a rant brewing about the UT Health Science Center over at Memorial Hermann Katy.  Because, as it stands now, it appears they’ve conveniently “forgotten” to bill Jen’s insurance for her three ultrasounds, opting instead to keep the cash that she paid up front rather than suffer the requisite contractual adjustments involved in their billing Aetna.  This has a side-effect of completely under-reporting her annual co-insurance totals, and therefore cost us much more on her date of service.

And if that didn’t make any sense to you let’s just say it looks like they’re being shady, to the tune of about $1,600, and we’ll leave it at that until I can get more info.

See you Monday.


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